Waterfall arch stacker


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Have you ever seen a big waterfall? You feel calmness and confidence standing in front of it. It makes its way through rocks, it sounds loudly, it says that everything is possible. In this toy we wanted to imprint the waterfall movement, its softness and strength, its smooth lines and calm power.

Draw your finger along the smooth lines, imagine the water flow, feel how it carries away hard thoughts. Hear the sound of water, feel cool drops on your skin? Just a toy? No, it is much more than this.

Waterfall arch stacker is for unusual creative play. It is exactly when you just guide your child?s imagination the right way and then he will play all by himself.

Parts of the arch stacker are comfortable to hold even for a baby. Their ?velvety? texture makes it easier to build with them. The variety of games is endless.

How to play:

Play the shadow theatre. Experiment with distance and position of the arc towards the lamp. See how the light can change the shape of the shadow. Build different constructions and see their shadows
Build caves and shelters for tiny toys
Roll wooden beads down the stacker
Find the sound of a waterfall on the Internet and play it on background during the game
Learn about the biggest waterfall on a planet