Matryoshka Acorn


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Matryoshka is a surprise game that absolutely fascinates children.

Matryoshka Acorn can be opened and closed, arranged according to size, in the parts you can hide feathers, large beads, chestnuts and other treasures. You can put the halves one on top of another, hide them inside each other or build a tower. You can place the acorns around the nursery, give a basket to a child and collect them together to make a picnic for the squirrels.

Children love opening and closing nesting dolls, arranging them by height, and are delighted to see that a large thing hides many small ones. But traditional Russian matryoshkas are not kids-friendly enough ? the wood is rough and closes too tightly.

Matryoshka Acorn is made by lathe method ? a round billet is put on a rotating machine and the craftsman uses a sharp knife to give the desired shape to the wood. This is an old technique and very few people own it. Therefore, the number of toys is limited. But thanks to it, the parts of matryoshka dolls are perfectly smooth, easy to open and close. And this toy embodies our favorite combination ? natural wood and eco-friendly paint.

How to play:

Play the pieces like the dishes
Hide the small objects under the hats
Put a small toy inside, hide the nesting doll in the nursery and play “cold and hot”
Put inside little notes for each other