Smart Engine with Action Tunnels


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Choo-Choo! The locomotives are more alive than ever with the 33834 Smart Tech Engine with Action Tunnels. This intelligent toy train is a great addition to any BRIO World railway set.

Interactive play: The modern-looking Smart Tech Engine is the centrepiece of the play and can communicate with its surroundings, automatically responding with various train actions like lights, sounds and motion. By arranging the Smart Tech accessories in different ways around the railway track, you determine the trains journey and control the interactive play.

Full of action: Each Action Tunnel creates a unique response from the Smart Tech Engine, and by actively moving them around the tracks, you change the trains journey. Use the red Station Action Tunnel to stop the train with station sounds and the green Action Tunnel to make it reverse in the opposite direction with sounds.

Part of the BRIO World: The Smart Tech Engine with Action Tunnels is a great addition to any other BRIO World railway set or layout, featuring classic BRIO magnetic couplings allowing for easy connection to each other and other vehicles.

33834 Smart Tech Engine with Action Tunnels includes 3 pieces: 1x Smart Tech Engine, 2x Smart Tech Action Tunnels.