Hut in the Forest


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So many stories and fairytales start with a little hut in a enchanted forest, our Hut In The Forest is the perfect place for all your stories to start in. We took extra care in ensuring that our hut will work perfectly with all our figurines. We love telling stories with each product, but we also try to give you the opportunity to tell your own unique fairy tales, tailored to the children in your life.

The Hut In The Forest is full of stories, in it sleeps the angry bear or the fox, when the winter passes and he goes out in the forest searching for treats, along comes a family of bunnies, who make it their summer home, here they will gather and make preserves for the long winter with the help of their friend, the hedgehog.

The house in the forest hides many unknown and untold stories, when a child enters this world of wonder the ending can change completely, and a new story comes to life. The best endings will always be those that become a new story.


The forest house is suitable for 5-7 cm high figurines.
The base under the house is made of maple wood and it dimensions are 22cm long and 15cm wide.
The house is made of linden wood and has a height of 18cm and a width of 18.5 cm
The house is completely sanded and polished using only organic oils and NON-TOXIC paints, the door can be opened.
Recommended for children over 3 years old.