2 BIG Baseplates – White and Green


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With these BIG building plates in green and white, your child can build a colourful world filled with adventures and fun characters. Let them unleash their creative ideas and create amazing landscapes, cute animals, or even an exciting cityscape. The possibilities are endless!

Our building plates are designed to be easy to handle, allowing small hands to build and create on their own. They are sturdy and durable, so your child can build and dismantle them again and again without any problems. They are also compatible with other Plus-Plus BIG products, allowing the play to expand and the imagination to run wild.

With the BIG Building Plates 2-Piece Set, you can provide your child with an enjoyable experience that will enhance their fine motor skills, creativity and problem-solving abilities. Let them explore, build and learn all at the same time!

So, take your little adventurers on a colourful journey with BIG Building Plates. It’s time to build, play and create unforgettable memories together!