Akie’s 2nd Birthday

Markus Kristoff “Akie” Sabili De La Rosa

Event date: July 29, 2022

Hello Ninongs, Ninangs, Family and Friends!

Akie is turning 2 on July 29.

For the second straight year, COVID-19 cases are rising in Metro Manila making face to face events risky for the unvaccinated, such as Akie’s age group. Sadly, the very intimate party that we have been contemplating about has been shelved again for this year. We were hoping that we’ll get to see each other soon, but health and safety for all must be prioritized. By next year, we are praying that the pandemic will be over and we can celebrate Akie’s birthday with confidence that everyone can enjoy without worry on safety.

We made this gift registry for you, to help you out in choosing a gift, should you wish to send out something for Akie’s birthday.

He’s such a smart and sweet little boy. I know that in time, you’ll get to meet him so you can play, see him sing, dance and talk like a big boy. We pray for that day to come soon, but for now, let’s all be safe and healthy.

Thank you so much in advance! Sending prayers and good wishes for you. God bless you!